Winer in Meadows, Edinburgh

Winter has come to Ediburgh!

“A cold wind was blowing from the north, and it made the trees rustle like living things.”

George R. R. Martin, A Game of Thrones

Spring? What spring? It’s time for second winter!

When I am writing these words, snow is already melting behind the window and all I can hear is the rain, silently tapping on the window sill. But only 5 days ago we had really strong blizard here, which lasted almost 3 days! If I lived in a castle, I could totally feel like in Winterfell 😉

Such kind of weather is very unusual for Scotland, so it caused quite a big confusion for the next few days. We had about 10 inches of snow, red alert because of weather conditions, calcelled buses, closed schools and shops etc.

Now, let me explain it to all people, who are used to winter and for whom there is nothing unusual in cold and blizards. Snow is something, which happens really rarely in central Scotland and even if it does, it melts really quickly because of regular plus temperature. People here are not accustomed to big snow blizards and… well, big amount of snow generally. The main problem is transport, cause there is no such things as winter tyres or any similar securities. Riding a car in those conditions is extremely dangerous, especially when you live outside the city.

Winter in Dean Village, Ediburgh March 2018Dean Village looks enchanting covered by snow, right?

Despite all this, people here seemed to enjoy such surprising weather. Many of them have been building a snowman, organising snowball fights or… moving around the city on skis 😀

In spite of my longing for spring, I’ve decided to walk to few places and take some winter photos (results below). It’s funny though, how quickly the weather can change – only a week and a half ago I was looking for snowdrops and I didn’t even thought I’ll be able to create winter post before December! 😆

What do you like the most about winter weather? I love watching snow falling from the sky (especially at evenings), but my favourite is probably snow laying on tree branches or sparkling in the cold, it always looks so magical! ✨

P. S. I think it’s nice to appreciate all kinds of weather and have fun because of snow, but please, don’t forget about animals! I was very sad to hear, that in Poland many hedgehogs have died because of tough weather conditions (they’ve woken up from hiberation too soon, cause it was already warmer). What I want to say is, it could be fun for us, while animals are fighting for survival at the same time. It’s important to remember that and maybe try to help them, if we have such opportunity.
Winter in Ediburgh. View from the Vellen (left) and Dean Village (right). March 2018Edinburgh Castle (view from the Vennel – my favourite 🖤) and Dean Village once again.
Winter in Edinburgh. The Meadows. March 2018Winter stillness at the Meadows.
Winter in Dean Village, Ediburgh March 2018Fairy tale view for the Well Court (if only not those cars…)
Winter in Dean Village & Dean Bridge, Ediburgh March 2018My favourite yellow house in Dean Village and (also my favourite) Kirkbrae House (but actually it’s Three Broomsticks pub in my head! ;))
Winter in Ediburghm March 2018. Nature treasuresNature treasures can be found even in the middle of winter! Spring is coming again, I’m sure of that 💚
Winter in Edinburgh. Dalry Cemetery, March 2018.My favourite (again) witchy house and beautiful trees covered by snow at Dalry Cemetery.
Winter in Edinburgh, March 2018Do you want to build a snowman? 😊

8 thoughts on “Winter has come to Ediburgh!

  1. The the Well Court and the ivy are definitely my favourites pics, even if all the pictures are stunning! I can imagine how it should was the chao: In paris it was the same, I heard few weeks ago! Here at Quebec we are really ready for the snow (it starts at the end of october) and it’s during for the end of April. No signs of spring, no flowers, no buds. But! The weather is hot (0°C) and the snow is starting to melt a bit (I have snow until my ankles instead the knees). The old Quebec may looks like at Edinburg, but I never went to take pictures during the winter, I don’t know why, I should try next year! Also I’m sad for hedgehogs 🙁

    1. I know you love ivy (me too! 💚) and Well Court is always amazing, it looks like straight from a fairy tale. Yes, it was second winter almost everywhere, I believe. There was snow even in Spain and Italy, crazy! In Quebec such weather is nothing special, I guess 😉 But winter is really beautiful witch bigger amount of snow, we used to have more of it in Poland few years ago. I was really sad to hear about hedgehogs too, but I hope there are some people there, who help them survive! I’m glad to hear it’s beginning to look like spring around you. And totally take some photos of old Quebec one day, I’d be very interested to see them!

  2. Gorgeous! I love all the pictures of enchanting Edinburgh, it’s like going back in time and has such a lovely vintage feel!

    1. Thank you! 🙂 Edinburgh is beautiful every time of the year, but it looks even more enchanting covered by snow. And yes, this city certainly has a vintage feel! 🖤

  3. O boże jak tu pięknie 😱😍😱❤ tu czyli na zdjęciach i tu czyli na Twoim blogu 😉 zapowiada się wspaniale !

    1. Aww, dziękuję pięknie Słońce! :* Mam nadzieję że coś tam z tego wyjdzie, trochę się napracowałam 😀 W każdym razie cieszę się, że Ci się podoba 🙂

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