Violet dream in Circus Lane

A flowy linen dress and the most enchanting street in Edinburgh? The perfect combination!

Just imagine: a cobbled little street, hidden in the middle of the city. Two rows of beautiful houses looking like straight out of a fairytale, always surrounded by greenery and flowers. Colourful walls and doors, white window frames, lovely little benches offering a place to rest. And just around the corner, a tall church tower with an old clock, overlooking it all. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Welcome to Circus Lane!

Circus Lane, Edinburgh

Few words about Circus Lane

This charming place used to be a service street to keep coaches and horses (like many similar terraced mews houses). You can actually guess that, seeing how little the houses are and judging by the amount of garages, which were once used as stables. Today Circus Lane is one of the most popular locations among local photographers and Instagrammers. It’s not very well-known among tourists, so if you’re looking for a peaceful, not too popular and really picturesque location, that’s the place to go! It’s rather a short walk though, as the street isn’t too long. I always recommend it as the last stop on my favourite route: starting at Dean Village and then heading along Water of Leith Walkway towards Circus Lane. I absolutely love all those places and believe me, they’re some of the most enchanting spots in Edinburgh 🙂

Circus Lane, Edinburgh

Outfit details

Fairytale location = fairytale style! This amazing linen dress was kindly gifted to me by Son De Flor (few more words about the brand in the last picture) and I absolutely love it. I paired it with Clarks boots I’ve bought on eBay some time ago.  When I got Son De Flor dress, I immediately knew it will be perfect for a little photoshoot at Circus Lane. The dress and the street have one in common: they’re timeless and make you feel like transported into a dream ✨

I invite you to this dream with me then! Hope you enjoy it – let me know in comments below.

8 thoughts on “Violet dream in Circus Lane

  1. As beautiful as Circus Lane is, I feel like I would have been captivated by this vision of a woman with flowers in her hair walking down the street. 😉 Wonderful photography work!

    1. Aaaah, noo, you’re way too kind 😭 Many, many thanks for such kind words, dear! You need to visit one day, I’m pretty sure you’d create something beautiful there too 🙂

  2. I love everything about this post..🌠 You look like a princess and Circus lane is simply perfect to go back in time.✨🌌✨ Wonderful pictures and excellent work my dear!!🌻❤ Congratulations (But..I’m sure this is just the beginning!!😉)

    1. Oh, hello there, Captain! 🏴‍☠ Aww, thank you very much for all your lovely words, dear! 🖤 Hehe, maybe you’re right, who knows. And yes, Circus Lane is just perfection, as always ✨ So… wanna fly with me now then? 😉

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