Victorian Snow White at Liberton Kirk

“Her skin was white as snow, lips red as blood, and hair black as ebony.”

Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, Snow White

A classic story about beauty and monstrosity, kindness and jealousy, innocence and hatred

A story about the girl with pure heart and her cruel stepmother, who couldn’t bear being worse in any way. We all know that story, of course. But what if it was totally different?

I definietely have “this thing” with fairy tales villains. Probably because we usually don’t see their motivation. They’re bad, cause… they are, and that’s it. But it’s never so simple, isn’t it? No one is entirely evil or entirely good. If you’ve ever watched Once Upon A Time series, you perfectly know their version of Snow White story. Funny things is, The Evil Queen (Regina) is my favourite character in that show (along with Rumpelstiltskin, another villain). Mainly because she’s way more complex than in the classic fairy tale. She’s evil, because she’s miserable. And she’s miserable because of extreme loss, caused by… yes, no one else than Snow White!

That’s why I love this series so much – there is no such thing as pure good or pure evil there. All characters are just people, who are facing various challenges, making mistakes and changing through time. If you like interesting transformations of classic fairy tales as much as I do, you should totally watch this series (or at least first 3 seasons).

But enough about OUAT and Evil Queen, it’s not even this photo session theme 😉 To be honest, I haven’t had in mind Snow White during the photoshoot either, but the results – mostly colours palette – remind me of her. Those photos were taken in October last year in front of amazing Liberton Kirk, which looks really magical covered by colourful ivy.

So… my version of Snow White with some victorian vibes. Hope you like the results, let me know in comments below!

10 thoughts on “Victorian Snow White at Liberton Kirk

  1. When I had read the first lines of this article I immediately thought to the serie once upon a time!! I did not finished it because it started to become a bit longer… I end it when Rumpelstiltskin was banned from the village and plotted with Medusa I guess. But ohhh, I loved the two seasons so muuuch <3 Obviously my favorite character was Rumpelstiltskin too hahaha. Villains are usually my favorites, even in the comics and movies, I don't know why. Concerning this photoshoot, it's absolutely perfectly well done! These red ivy leafs on this old buildhouse just : woooow! You look superb, as always 😉

    1. Once Upon A Time is such a great and magical show! But only first 3 seasons 😀 It gets a bit boring after that, I’m afraid. Well, I definietely have a thing with villains too, they’re usually way more interesting that “good guys”. And Rumpelstiltskin or Evil Queen from OUAT are excellent examples! Thank you for your comment dear, it always makes me happy to get some feedback! And thanks a lot for your kind words 😘

  2. I adore this photo set. The whimsy, the fairytale vibes, the gorgeous red door, the ivy growing up the walls… pure magic! You’re radiant in these pics, wonderful vintage outfit and stunning backdrop!
    P.S. I still need to check out OUAT, I love fairytales and I’m sure I’d like that show!

    1. Thank you so much, my dear friend! You’re always so kind to me and your words make me really happy 🖤 I must say it’s my favourite photo session in Edinburgh so far, with the most stunning location. Definietely check out OUAT, I’m sure you will love it! 3 first seasons are the best, the next ones… well, not so great 😉

  3. Przepiękne zdjęcia jak zawsze, cudowny klimat <3 I dzięki za polecenie serialu, brzmi ciekawie a właśnie szukałam czegoś nowego do wciągnięcia się 🙂

    1. Dziękuję bardzo za miłe słowa i komentarz! 🙂 Serial jest naprawdę dobry, tylko trzeba przymknąć oko na efekty i specjalne i przygotować się na znaczny spadek po 3. sezonie 😉 Ale trzy pierwsze są świetne!

  4. Another wonderful post dear😃 Wonderful and interesting at same time😉

    Yes😃I have always been intrigued by fairy tales villains too. As you said, No one is entirely evil or entirely good (..and I’m always suspicious when someone looks “too perfect”).

    But more specifically, I love villains because (in my opinion) they rapresent our fears🕵️‍♂️ the most spontaneous and primordial part of us..and our life the end, is this eternal war against them. Once again, amazing post and outifit of course!!😉😃 As always I feel so inspired!!😃✨ have a lovely my friend😙 a wagon of kisses to you😙

    1. Thank you so much for your comment and all kind words, dear! 🖤 Fairy tales villains are definietely intriguing and you’re right, they represent some kind of “darker side” in us. It’s all about neverending fight between light and dark and it’s such a fascinating topic to analyse! 🙂
      I’m glad you feel inspired by my posts, that’s the best compliment I can get! Thank you with all my heart, my magical friend :*

    1. Aww, dzięki Słońce :* To chyba moja ulubiona sesja w Edynburgu do tej pory, jestem też najbardziej zadowolona z edycji 😉 Co do pisania, cieszę się że po angielsku też brzmi ok!

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