Coming back to the blog & setting intentions for 2019!

“New year — a new chapter, new verse, or just the same old story? Ultimately we write it. The choice is ours.”

Alex Morritt

Oh, hello there! Long time no see 😅 Sorry about that, I’ve kind of lost inspiration for a while and wasn’t sure, what to write about here. You see, I had so many ideas for that blog, but all of them seemed to be random and unfocused somehow. Besides, let’s be honest here, I was totally unorganised and simply could not find enough time for writing, even though I actually have a lot of free time…

What changed then? I don’t know, maybe it’s the magic of New Year and fresh start, or maybe that’s because I took some time to think about my dreams, goals and intentions. I don’t do typical New Year’s resolutions, I rather make promises to myself. And getting back to writing was one of them. So, here we are! But to stay more focused this time, I’ve actually chosen a new theme for the blog. More about it later. First, a short paragraph about…

Choosing the word/s of the year

I’ve stumbled upon that idea on Instagram some time ago and it sounded very appealing to me. I’ve never done anything like that, although I have my own tradition of picking a quote for the following year (Anything can happen, if you let it is my choice this time, if you’re interested). But choosing a word or words seems to be a good way to set intensions for the whole year, as well as stay focused. And staying focused is something I really need this year (that’s why ‘focus’ is one of my words for 2019, as you can see below). What’s more, I’ve always believed in the power of words and quite a big part of my life is connected to them anyway.

These are words I chose:


– because my goals/promises to myself are closely related with ‘magical creativity’. This year I’d like to work on my fairytales, develop my professional photography (which is also rather fantasy/fairytales-related), as well as keep my personal projects on Instagram in kind of magical/whimsical aesthetics. I also want to start creating something like enchanted lifestyle and focus my blog on it (yes, that’s the new theme! Not very revealing, I know. But at least specific and that changes a lot to me).


– I was extremely unfocused last year and it probably kept me away from reaching… well, anything. That’s why this year I want to really (and I mean, REALLY) make time to all things mentioned above. To my dreams and passions.


– that’s something I always struggle with the most. To actually give myself a chance and believe I can succeed in things mentioned above. To start thinking: “I’m worthy” instead of “I’m not good enough”. It’s probably the most challenging of these words, but without it the other 2 don’t really make sense. And that’s the reason why I chose 3 words instead of just one. They’re closely related with each other and they kinda sum up my most important goal for this year.

I created a little series ‘Dream-Catcher’ in reference to setting intentions for new year. Dress from Kismet Collections

Creating enchanted lifestyle

Just a few words about that. Term ‘enchanted lifestyle’ appeared in my head this week out of nowhere (seriously), but I feel it perfectly reflects the way I want to live and all things I present on Instagram. Just to be clear, it doesn’t mean any kind of fairytale-ish happy-go-lucky life, constant cheerfulness, frivolity, glitter and sparkles. It’s more about looking for magic everywhere around and focusing on things that can make our days more enchanting than the reality around. I don’t want to ignore problems in life (we all have a lot of things to deal with and I’ll probably include some more ‘serious’ topics here as well), but I want to try to find something good and magical despite them. Mostly because I believe we all need magic in life and together we can think of thousands ways to find it 🙂 I don’t know if that’s something that speaks to you, hopefully it does. You can always let me know in comments, if you’d like.

I think I’ll do slight changes on my blog in the next few days, but most things will stay the same. I still want to write about similar things, but with some kind of a ‘bigger idea’ behind them. Oh, and I promised myself to dedicate one particular day to the blog, so hopefully I’ll manage to prepare something new once a week.

I know this post is a little bit messy, but I wanted to explain everything properly. Now, tell me, do you have any important goals this year? Or maybe you’ve decided to choose your own word/s of the year too? Let me know in comments below! ❤

P.S. I can’t believe some people were still checking out my blog, when it was dead for half of a year 😀 Well, thanks for that, that’s very kind of you!

What dreams do you want to ‘catch’ this year? Maybe it’s time to send your wishes to the Universe? 😉 Dress: Kismet Collections

6 thoughts on “Coming back to the blog & setting intentions for 2019!

    1. Thank you very much on both counts, dear! 🙂 Hope your year is filled with beauty and magic. Just going to your blog to catch up, finally! 😆

  1. So glad you’re using your blog again. I find it so therapeutic to write about life and our journey! Again, this series of pictures are so lovely. I also love the words you chose for this year. They are some I am holding close this year as well. ⭐️💛⭐️

    1. Thank you, Alicia! 🙂 Yes, it’s therapeutic and I really love writing in general, I just have some troubles with inspiration/ideas sometimes… Or I’m never sure what people might like. I’m glad you like those words, I know our journey is a bit similar so I hope they guide you well this year! ❤✨

  2. Welcome back dear✨ A fresh start and good intentions for the new year!!❤I agree with your three words and particularly agree with “believe”. That’s the point!! As our friend would say.. anything can happen, if you let it. ✨☂️🎩 so..Give yourself a chance be whatever you want. Do it..and nobody can ever stop you⚘

    1. Thank you… Simi! (Not Szatan 😅) You always believe in me more than myself and I’m really grateful for that 😘 You know, I actually chose “Anything can happen, if you let it” as my quote of the year, so I could believe even more ✨ We’ll see how it goes, hehe. Anyway, thank you once again for your lovely words! You’re like Mary Poppins in this version of reality, you know? ☂️🐧🌊

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