About me

„… second star to the right, and straight on till morning!”

Welcome to my Neverland!

My name is Aneta and I’m a photographer, vintage & folk enthusiast and fairytales lover, who wanders from place to place in search of unforgettable adventures, magical spots and beautiful moments.

I’m also an introvert, nature and seasons lover, follower of slow life and hygge concept. I’m addicted to books, lights, coffee, movies and tv series, writing, thrift shopping, long photo walks and all things cosy.

You’ll find here all things that create my own style of living: outfit stylisations, favourite things and places, memories of closer and further wanders, as well as some fairytale photos and stories, seasonal posts, thoughts and inspirations.

One of my biggest goals is to create an enchanted, meaningfull life, based on passions, little moments and true values. That’s exactly what I’d like to share with you! Let’s just say, it’s all about dreaming in words & pictures and making life more magical.

If you’d like to read a bit more about the meaning behind the blog’s name, go here.

Hope you like my little corner of the world. Speak „friend” and enter! 🙂

All posted photos and texts are mine, unless specified differently. Please, do not copy!
Photo: Darja Bilyk Photography