About keeping your inner child alive

… or how to never grow up!

This post is closely related with my 30th birthday and some thoughts, which have been with me that day. It was almost 3 months ago, but I’ve decided to prepare it anyway because of one important reason: this blog was supposed to be some kind of my own birthday gift to myself. I started to think about it in Decemeber, then in January I asked about that idea on Instagram. And then I just thought: now or never!

What is it like to turn 30?

The answer is: I really don’t know 😀 Well, I taught some lessons, of course. I’m able to let go some things easier, try different paths or not pay attention to other people’s opinion (not so much as before, anyway). I know better, what I want in life and how to achieve that. I managed to create my own style and define my world-view. But at the same time I’m a person, for whom age doesn’t really matter. I believe that more important is how you feel, not how many years are behind you. It’s like I have written on Instagram under my birthday photo: I’m still in love with fairy tales and Disney movies, I love dressing up, buying plushies and geeky gadgets. I enjoy little things, like to imagine strange worlds and love to laugh without any particular reason. And I’m always trying to keep in touch with my inner child.

Few photos from my birthday…
… and amazing gift from my boyfriend: Glamdring (Gandalf’s sword) from Lord of the Rings! Not very mature, isn’t it? That’s the point! 😉

Keeping in touch with your inner child

It’s not about being childish, of course. For me it’s more about “not growing up”, meaning: trying to appreciate simple things and not taking life too seriously. Why is it so important? Let’s try to sum it up a bit.

It helps to keep your dreams close and defend yourself from “this boring mature world”

We all have our resposibilities of course, we have to deal with some problems and react to situations around us. But staying in touch with our inner child lets us escape to the world of imagination as often, as we need it. Just to forget for a moment about all the reality around. It can be anything really: reading your favourite story (we all know that Harry Potter is irreplaceable here ;)), listening to Disney songs, painting a colouring book or dressing up like a fairy and go for a fantasy photoshoot. And what about real dreams? Well, I think it’s important to remember about them, keep believing and fighting for them. It’s harder than just imagining things, but at least you keep trying. And it’s also easier, when you still have at least small part of that idealistic, trusting approach which you used to have as a child.

Making space and time for your all-time favourite things is also important! Can you believe I love many of them since childhood?

It helps not to forget about finding fun, happiness and magic in everyday life

Just enjoy all those little moments, appreciate the smallest things in the world and look for something whimical and wonderful around. Remember the feeling of jumping in puddles after the rain? Or laying on the grass, smelling flowers and doing nothing? All those things and emotions are easy to overlook, when we’re focusing only on everyday life. And I believe that we all need to be happy-go-lucky sometimes 🙂 And again, it’s not about doing some crazy or stupid things. It’s more about simple joys: you can smile because of blooming flowers, nice book, little adventure, spring rain, nice walk in the sun etc. It’s all about seeing magic in usual things – because it’s there, it always is!

Happiness in collecting colourful leaves, smelling flowers or enjoying first snow? Always!

It helps to be more creative!

Remember how little you’ve needed to build a dollhouse? I used to do that only from pillows, books, audio and video cassettes! Or building a base with chairs and blankets, it was so cool! Or going for an adventure into a forest, to meet all those magical creatures you could imagine. It was the best time. I’m not saying we should still do all of those things (although sometimes I really feel like I could build a base ;)), but we can always try to think how to use something in a different, more crative way. Just let our imagination work free, it’s amazing how much we can discover sometimes!

Dressing up is a nice idea and a lot of fun regardless of age! Here are some of my witchy costumes from last year.

I don’t know if this post makes any sense to you, but all things mentioned above are important to me and all of them help me in making everyday life more unique and magical.

Do you agree with my point of view? Maybe you have some other ideas how to keep in touch with your inner child? I’d love to hear about them, let me know in comments below! 🙂

8 thoughts on “About keeping your inner child alive

  1. Ah I totally agree with you, I think the world would be so boring if we left all the magic only in our childhoods. Who says we can’t dream of fairytales and add a little sparkle to our adult lives? I don’t think it’s related to maturity, I think it’s just a more positive, happy way of seeing the world and never letting the magic in your heart go away! Thank you for sharing your experience, it makes me feel a lot less worried about approaching the big 30 haha

    1. Thank you for your comment dear, I’m glad you agree! 🙂 That’s exactly what I think too: the world would be quite a sad and boring place without magic and that unique child’s joy. Keeping your inner child alive definietely helps to be more happy and appreciate all positive things around us! Also, there is no need to worry about “that big 30”, it’s only a number, nothing more 😉

  2. I totally agree, we must always preserve the inner child within ourselves and never let her (or him) grow up. I think sometimes I try to escape too much into my fantasy world full of magic, but it’s so nice and carefree there! Wonderful feel good post with lots of great pics! My faves are the ones of you dressed in witchy costumes. Too cute! P.S. I have my 30th birthday coming in April and I’m kinda freaked out about it; I don’t want to be expected to grow up because I love the fact that I adore whimsy and wonder.

    1. Thank you for your comment, my friend. I’m glad you agree! I’m totally the same, I used to escape into my fantasy worlds as a child, a teenager… and nothing really changed till today. There is nothing wrong in it (as long as you’re not totally closed to other people), especially when you feel better and safer there. I’m sure that all creative and sensitive people do that, otherwise reality would be really tough to bear.
      We’re almost at the same age then, I didn’t know that! 🙂 About being expected to grow up or being expected to anything else, screw that. It’s your life and it doesn’t have to fulfil anyone’s expectations. In fact there are too little people who adore whimsy and wonder, and too many of those, who are teaching others “the only right way to live”. There is nothing like that. The most important is to stay true to yourself and follow your own way, not that “expected one”. Hmm… I think I may write seperate post about it one day 😉 Till then – just be yourself and never grow up, my friend!

  3. What a awesome artcle my friend❤ I loved read about your thoughts and memories….✨ especially when you talked about dollhouse….”my magical world” it’s something that I always did with my cousin. My travelling companion even now❤ our world was something like once upon a time and pirate world😃 since I was child, I always love painting….so I painted for us a big poster on the wall, with moon and stars (Peter Pan is a constant in my life)…. and after school, we walked into our world and we forgot everything🌘 even to have lunch!!😂 Now , as you said….life is different. We have responsabilities and different dreams to follow and fight for. But during every trip, we always tell each other “ready?” Like we’re still there in front of our room. 
    When we moved in different houses, new owners kept that poster. They said us that theirs kids would have loved play with it. So my friend, the answer about how “keep in touch with your inner “….it’s just this, for me. Give to someone the best part of us❤ as you did today. Thank you hufflepuff….

    1. I’m so glad you like it, my dear friend! The story with your poster and your own magical world shared with your cousin is absolutely wonderful ✨🖤 It’s like creating your own fairytale, so dreamy! And it’s kind of you that you left the poster for other kids, so that they could play with it too. You shared your magic with others, that’s the greatest gift for sure.
      I used to imagine whole stories, in which me and my younger sister used to play. Great times 🙂 Sometimes I feel I’d like to return to that, life was so much simpler and magical then. But at least we have our memories of those amazing adventures and we still can create others, even if in a different way! 🙂 Thank you for your last words and for sharing your experiences, my magical friend! And, of course: never grow up, it’s a trap! 😉 😘

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